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16 de January de 2020


Ahh, Rio de Janeiro … I was born and lived all my life there until 4 years ago when everything started to change! All the time when we visit Rio after having moved to London is always very intense, and I already learned that no matter how long we manage to stay there .. 1 week or 1 month will always be like this – intense! Family, friends, places, completely crazy agenda!

This year I decided to visit Corcovado again, Gui is in love with the statue of Christ, he had already made several drawings, he loves it when we are passing by car somewhere we can see up there. So I decided to introduce Christ the Redeemer to my boys and it was a special day.




There are some options to get to the Corcovado, you can take one of the buses that leave from different points of the city or go to Cosme Velho and ride the cable car which I find most interesting and fun! We went there by car and were able to stop near the cable car just because we arrived very early. After 8 am it is impossible to stop the car and the best option is to go by taxi!



We were there in the first week of January which is super high season, so to try to avoid the maximum crowd we decided to go up in one of the first two cable cars. We bought tickets on the internet at Trem do Corcovado , especially during these busiest times it’s the best way to guarantee that you will be able to get up at the time you chose. There is a separate line at the box office and usually shorter than the line to buy tickets on time.



Our cable car left Cosme Velho on time but stopped many times on the way, usually at the tracks connection points for some other cable car to go down, in the end, the trip that should have lasted 20 minutes lasted almost 40! At least the cable cars were recently renovated and are in excellent condition.

We got up there and it was already full! If I were to schedule the visit again I think I would have risen early to catch the very first cable car.


Despite the overcrowding up there, we were walking and enjoying the view for at least 1 hour and then we went down to one of the snack bars that are at the base of the stairs to have a snack. There are two cafeterias with a very simple menu, we ate cheese bread, sandwich, the boys were stuffed with chocolate and it was great!



I loved going back to see Christ redeemer, with my children, Flavio and my parents who accompanied us too! Rio is, unfortunately, problematic but it’s so beautiful! I am passionate about my city. 🙂


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    good pictures