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My beloved Salvador

02 de January de 2020


In our last trip to Brazil, we finally managed to fit in a short but wonderful trip to Salvador, in this post I will register some of our favourite programs and restaurants in the city.

When I stop to think that we haven’t been to Salvador for more than 4 years, I almost can’t believe it! Most of Flavio’s family lives in Salvador and when we started dating (years ago!!) I visited the city for the first time and I fell in love, with the energy, the beauty and of course with the people! Not to mention food. 🙂

We stayed only 4 days in the city and our total focus was to meet again very special people, so it was not possible to go everywhere we would like, but in general, this time would be enough to get to know the main postcards, enjoy the beach and have loads of acarajé!


Impossible to go to Salvador and not stroll along the shore and the lighthouse! Usually, when we are in town and we want to go to the beach we go to the more remote beaches like ‘Praia do Flamengo’, or we stretch a few days in ‘Praia do Forte’ – which I LOVE! or ‘Itaparica’.

This time for the first time we went to Barra beach and I kept asking myself how we had never been there before! Calm sea, warm water and that view of the Lighthouse. We went on weekdays, the beach was full because of the end of the year and a lot of people on vacation, but still, I found it super peaceful.


Another beach in the city centre that we like a lot is also Porto beach, but this one because it is very small is usually very crowded! If you are not a fan of places with a high density of people … better avoid! lol

Another program that cannot be missed is a visit to the Bonfim Church. Besides being beautiful there is an energy that I can’t describe! I always get emotional, I leave feeling blessed and of course full of colourful ribbons.



After Bonfim we went to Ribeira where there are some famous ice cream parlours and we had ice cream with a beautiful sunset view!


I highly recommend the basic circuit; Mercado Modelo, Elevador Lacerda and Pelourinho to anyone visiting the city for the first time. I wanted to go back at least to Pelourinho, but we didn’t had time.

‘Solar do Unhão’ is another place that I love to visit in Salvador, where you have a beautiful view of Baia de Todos os Santos. There is the Museum of Modern Art of Salvador and a café, it is worth checking the schedule before planning a visit.



Until I visited Salvador for the first time, I thought I didn’t like acarajé and there it was another one of those things that I tasted, loved and started wondering how come I spent so long without trying! My favorites acarajés in Salvador remain those of Cira ou Dinha, in Rio Vermelho.

This time we went one night to the Mercado do Peixe in Rio Vermelho which was recently renovated and has several regional restaurants, it was very tasty and the atmosphere was very nice too.

The shrimp stew or Moqueca de Camarão from Yemanjá is another must-have! And the best part, now there is a Yemanjá restaurant at Shopping Barra, closer to us than the original. We went there to test it and it’s just as delicious.

A good post-beach option is Pereira, which is close to Porto beach and has a super nice balcony. The menu includes some Bahian specialities and more traditional bar meals. Be sure to try the tapioca dices with molasses. Hmm

Another restaurant on my list of favorites in Salvador is Soho , a Japanese restaurant located in Bahia Marina with privileged views of Baia de Todos os Santos and delicious food. I love Soho! We have already tried some other restaurants at Bahia Marina , Lafayette and DAS are also delicious, both with a more modern / contemporary menu.

Nearby is another great restaurant called Amado, seafood with a special Bahian touch.

Casa de Teresa is also a delight for those who want more options of local cuisine and regional dishes in a super cosy atmosphere.

And the best ‘caruru’ – a very local dish – the most special, the unbeatable … is at my mother-in-law’s house.

Salvador is definitively a delight!

And then, writing this post, I realized that one of the first posts on this blog was about our first trip with Gui! Which, of course, was to Salvador. 🙂

Nossa primeira viagem em família!

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