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Where to eat in Venice

27 de July de 2019


Choosing restaurants in Italy is not a very difficult mission, right? At least not for us! Sometimes when you have too many options we find it even more important to have some reference of cool restaurants before traveling.

Usually before our trips we do a research and prepare a short list of restaurants, cafes, and ice cream parlors of course! Taking into consideration our itinerary, places we plan to visit and our hotel location. Below I have listed the places we have tried and approved on this trip to Venice;

Venise Bistrot
Classic Italian restaurant, one that comes with some surprise chef antipasti and serves a bolognese pasta for the kids you want to eat too! lol
We tried to go to Venise Bistrot on our first night in Venice and it had a very long wait, we decided to book for the next night when it was all quieter! We booked through their website and it was very easy.


Osteria enoteca San Marco
This restaurant is on one of the streets around San Marco square and that’s where we ate one of the most delicious pasta dishes of this trip! The carbonara spaghetti with truffles was simply divine!


Especially in mega tourist cities I avoid restaurants located in famous squares or some specific tourist spot unless recommended. Most of the time they are tourist trap and expensive! Osteria San Marco is one such example that if you explore the surroundings you will find much better options.

Osteria da Carla
Famous Osteria by their Cicchetti – the equivalent of Spanish tapas in Italian! Great options that work as starters or if you want to have a lighter meal you can just have the cicchettis! The restaurant is small and super cute, we ended up choosing to be outside, in one of those charming Venetian alleys with a canal in the back.



Suso Gelato Library
When in Italy our rule is one gelato a day! Just kidding, it’s hard to resist a good Italian ice cream. When it comes to ice creams usually I’m not very demanding and choose the more convenient ice cream spot but Suso is worth changing the route! It is near the Rialto Bridge so you know.


Farini Bakery
Cute pizza place that sells very appetizing slices of pizza !! For a quick lunch or simply recharging your batteries during the many wanderings around Venice.

We also saw lots of little windows down the alleys selling pizza slices and without fear we got into one of the rows because we needed a break. It was absolute success!


Trattoria Busa alla Torre in Murano
The day we went to Murano we had lunch at Tratoria Busa alta Torre, a rustic tratoria with typical regional dishes. Although it was a ‘Senegalese’ heat in Murano, we stayed outside the restaurant which is in a charming square and it was a super nice lunch!

We tried a typical dish of fried vegetables and seafood which was a delight! Despite being fried we found it very tasty, combined with a very cold beer.. amazing!

Feeding the boys

The boys’ food during the trip was ok if you ignore the fact that they don’t eat much other than pasta pomodoro or pasta bolognese. During the day they had lots of fruits and so we went on with life and traveling!

One thing I had a little trouble with was finding supermarkets in Venice. Even smaller vending shops to buy fruit and other snack options for the boys. Anyone traveling with a child knows this is a matter of survival! Close to San Marco Square we found a Coop and a Despar on Riva del carbon on the edge of the grand canal.

Next post will be about our day touring Murano and Burano!

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