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Christmas markets in Europe

12 de December de 2019


By the end of the year almost everywhere in Europe breath Christmas! I personally love! Besides all winter festivals and Christmas markets we visit in London we usually travel somewhere nice too. A new destination and a new Christmas market. This year we went to Luxembourg, you can check all about our trip here. But what exactly expect from a Christmas market? In this post I will tell about it and how to enjoy with kids!

What to expect of the traditional Christmas markets in Europe



Most of the markets start during the second half of November and will be open until Christmas. Usually, each of them has their own website with detailed information regarding timings and everything. Like the one we visit this year in Luxembourg, check out their website here.

For those living in Brasil, November and December are not exactly popular months to travel to Europe, but maybe it’ a good opportunity to take advantage of lower fares and get some Christmas flavour!


Christmas markets decorations are usually so beautiful and magical! Christmas trees, lights and all the wood stools with their on decoration on top of the roof! One of the most famous markets in Europe for its decorations is located in Strasbourg, France. Some blogs call it Christmas capital and of course is on our wish list!


Christmas gifts

It’s for sure the best place to shop everything Christmas and any gifts pending on your list. Besides Christmas items, you will probably find some local souvenirs too.

In almost all markets we have seen stools with wooden toy for children that I find very cute! Both for boys and for gifts.


Especially in Germany – Rothenbourgh de Tauber, one of the most beautiful cities we have visited, in addition to all the market stools there were big shops with nativity items.


Eat and Drink

No matter where you are, England, France or Germany, the food will probably follow German traditions. Loads of currywurst, potato with bacon, raclette and spaetzle – pasta with cheese. You will have lots of sweet options too, including chocolates and waffles. In some markets, especially in German, it’s easy to find also roast chicken, a great option for children. Our boys usually love!


On beverages, because it’s already cold across Europa, the most popular drink is the mulled wine, hot wine and its variations. Usually, the hot drinks are served in seasonal mugs as souvenirs. You can refill anytime, return the mug and get your 3/5 euros back or take the mug home. For the little ones loads of hot chocolate to keep them warm.


Kids entretaining

The markets usually also have mini amusement parks with lots of fun rides, trains, carts and game stands. Great for entertaining kids!



Another thing we love is the ice skating rinks. I love it and Gui started enjoying it a lot in the last few years! You will probably find the rinks more quiet when the Christmas market opens and usually gets very busy. I try to avoid peak hours to enjoy more with Gui. Another very cool thing is the little help that most of the tracks offer for children who are just starting to skate. They are usually penguins and need to be rented separately.


Pictures with Santa

For those with kids that like to have the traditional picture with Santa, the Christmas market can be an opportunity!


Keen to visit a Christmas market next season? Check below other posts with different markets we have been. My favourites so far were those in Germany and Viena, but all of them were great and worth a visit! 🙂

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