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One day in Hampstead

27 de February de 2020


Hampstead is a London neighbourhood located on zone 2 with very easy access with the tube or overground! The area looks like the English countryside and only when you get on the top of the Parliament Hill you will be reminded that you are still in London!

If you get there by tube will arrive through the High Street (every neighbourhood around here has a ‘high street’, this is where you will find most of local shops and restaurants!) – by the overground, you will get directly to the park.

Hampstead Heath – The park!

Hampstead Heath is a huge park and no doubts one of the highlights. I’m a big fan of London very organised parks with detailed gardens like St James and Regent’s Park. Hampstead Heath is more rustic I would say but no less lovely! In some of its areas, you will feel like in a forest.


There are a couple of ‘swimming ponds’ with public access and its possible to see people swimming even during winter – which I kind of don’t get!! But still.. the park looks amazing! My favourite season’s for long walks are spring and autumn with nice temperature and beautiful colours.


The park has some amazing spots and you will need more than one day to explore properly all of them because as I said, Hampstead Heath is huge! From the top of the Parliament Hill, you will get amazing views, around Kenwood house some of the best picnic spots and at the Pergola the perfect scenario for a photo shoot!


Hampstead High Street – Shops and Food!

On the High Street, there is plenty of options for cute stores, coffee shops and pubs that worth a visit. And of course, the famous French crepe! Don’t get scared by the queue, it will go fast and the crepe is delicious.

Melrose and Morgan – local deli with amazing treats including picnic kits. Prices are slightly high, but we are not talking about everyday coffee and croissants, right? So go for it!


The horseshoe Pub – This pub is managed by Camden Town Brewery and its a perfect stop for a pint after long walks in Hampstead. We particularly love Camden Town beers, order a Pale Ale!


La Creperie de Hampstead – No matter the day of the week, the time, you will probably find some queue around the famous crepe tent. We tried slat and sweet options and all of them were amazing.


And you probably already heard those tips around ‘get lost walking’ somewhere… so this applies to Hampstead!


This region is not typically the choice for first-time visitors in London. It took us something for us to get to Hampstead after we moved here, but I highly recommend! It’s like visiting the countryside without leaving the capital. 🙂

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