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Hitchin – Lavender farm near London!

12 de August de 2019

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England is full of lovely places worth visiting! Since moving to London, we often schedule weekends or even day trips to visit and see other English cities.

This year I was determined to visit a new flower field. July and August are usually lavender season around here. So last weekend we decided to spend the day in Hitchin where there is a beautiful lavender farm which offer a very nice infrastructure!


Hitchin is located approximately 70 km from London, and the lavender field is in the Ickleford village which is 3 km from the city.


If you are going from London to Hitchin by public transport the best way would be to go by subway to Kings Cross or Finsbury Park Station – both on Victoria line – and from there by train to Hitchin. The round-trip ticket for each adult costs £12.50. Try to check the train schedule and the most suitable time to go, as during weekends the frequency is usually every hour.

Arriving in Hitchin there is the option of taking a bus that stops near the lavender field but we found it easier to take a taxi. The journey by car takes around 10-15 minutes and cost another 12 pounds.

As there is nothing very close to the lavender field, the ideal is to pick up the phone number from any of the taxi cooperatives that work by the train station to call later and arrange the return. The taxi we called was taking too long to arrive and we ended up asking for an Uber that also worked!



The field has approximately 40 km of lavenders rows and from the entrance you can already smell it! Children under 5 are free and adults pay 6 pounds. Usually the field runs from mid-June to mid-August, with the lavender peak in July. We were there on the first week of August and it was still so pretty, I wonder what it should be like at its peak!


One of the cool things about Hitchin is that there you can pick the fresh flowers and take it home, at the entrance you will get a gift bag and scissors. The boys just loved it and spent a lot of time cutting and picking the lavender! The field is full of bees so you have to be careful.


lavender-harvest-england children

The field also has sunflower field. Unfortunately this year the sunflower had not yet bloomed at the beginning of August .. we will need to go back there! 🙂



Near the entrance there is a café with sandwiches, tarts, salads, cakes and a mini waffle trailer! We had a very tasty snack. Before the main entrance you will find a larger restaurant with more options, a lavender store and a playground for children. I found the structure very good!




A while ago we went to Mayfield ( check out the post here ) which is another lavender field located in the south and is also a nice option despite having less infrastructure than in Hitchin.

To check updated opening hours and more info about the field, please visit the website below;

Hitchin Lavender
Cadwell Farm

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