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Crockford bridge farm – Strawberry season

23 de July de 2020


Last weekend we created the courage to finally move again! We went to visit Crockford Bridge Farm which is located less than an hour from London, close to Weybridge. I made a post a long time ago telling our experience at the pumpkin season , which is another really cool time to visit the farm.

Since March we did not take any public transport due to the pandemic and even now with many of the restrictions already relaxed we prefer to prioritize outdoor walks, after all, we have to enjoy the summer and we love a park!



Little things have changed since my first post on the Crockford bridge farm, now they do not charge any more entry, but 4 pounds per adult that can be used as a credit to buy the fruits and vegetables you pick and want to take home.



We went at the very end of the strawberries and raspberries harvest and ended up leaving with two baskets of ‘broad beans’ too. On their website, they have the calendar for all seasons and they update on the availability of each product for harvest, it is worth checking near the date you plan to visit – Crockford Bridge Farm .


The fact that we went at the end of the season certainly helped to find the farm less busy which was great! The queues were all relatively short.


The ice cream parlour and snack bar at the entrance are still there with delicious snacks! I remember that the first time there were some food trucks that weren’t there this time. The big garden store on the side of the parking lot was already open, with the restaurant and restrooms open too.


This time we got there on a different train station, we were trying to avoid taking many different means of transport. So in order to take the taxi from Weybridge to the farm, we took the train to ‘Byfleet and New Haw’ – approximately 40 minutes from Waterloo station in London and then a little walk – no more than 20 minutes to arrive at the farm. For those who go by train and want to avoid walking, the best station is Weybridge where it is easier to take a taxi for the last bit of the journey.

The path between the station and the farm is ok and we were lucky enough to discover the The White Hart , a pub with a delightful garden where we ate and relaxed before taking the train back to London. The menu was the traditional pub, we ate a Fish and chips and the boys hamburger! 🙂


For those who live in London, it is a very nice day out with the little ones! And for those who are visiting London and already know all the basics of the city, it can be a very different and fun day/half-day trip.

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