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Where to eat in Tromsø

19 de March de 2020

Are you planning a trip to Tromsø in Norway? In this post, you will find a list of the restaurants we tried during our stay there!

Those who follow the blog know that gastronomy is a very important part of our travels, of our lives to be more exact! In Tromsø the focus has changed a little, we preferred to appreciate comfort and convenience. After all, we had days with tours starting too early or ending too late. But we did not fail to try the local cuisine and we ate very well throughout the trip.

As I said in my post about our trip to Tromsø, we stayed in the city centre where there are good and varied restaurant options.



Burgr is a super small hamburger, kind of themed with video games! There’s even an old Nintendo for customers to play Mario and I don’t even need to mention that Guilherme loved it! We tried the traditional burger and vegan falafel. Yes .. we are like that! And they were both delicious. Guilherme had the ‘Mario’ burger, the most basic version of the restaurant and loved. They also have a very interesting selection of beers.


Peppes Pizza

Norway’s Pizza Hut! If you like that chubby pizza style with 50 million topping options, Peppes Pizza is for you. As a starter, we had garlic bread and there are also some pasta options on the children’s menu. Guilherme got the lasagna and Bernardo preferred the pizza. One of the highlights of the restaurant was a play space for children. Our table was on the side of that little house full of toys that the boys loved. A peaceful and tasty dinner I would say.

Please note that the pizzas have a giant size!


If Peppes was the Pizza Hut, Egon would be the Outback of Tromsø. That kind of restaurant with a very eclectic menu that goes from hamburger to grilled, with pasta options and some Mexican dishes? The good thing is when even with a crazy menu the dishes come out delicious and our experience at Egon was good! We got there without reservation but it didn’t take long to get a table.


I know this comparison game must be getting silly … but Pastafabrikken for those who live or travel a lot here in Europe is the Norwegian Vapiano! 🙂 A self-service pasta restaurant, you choose the dishes from the menu and order directly from the counter where the pasta stations work and the cook prepares your dish right there in front of you. We love pasta and it was a great choice to end a freezing day walking around Tromsø.


Full Steam

Full Steam was the restaurant that we had a snack after the cruise through the fjords, the building had already served years ago as a base for fishermen and for that reason it still houses a museum about the fishing culture in Norway in the back. Their menu has many typical dishes like cod and seafood. We ate a shrimp salad sandwich that had ‘thousands’ of shrimp and we also tried the waffle with the local selection of cheese and jams.


Kaffebonna is a chain of cafes with some units spread around the city, with incredible bread and sweets! We stopped there a few times to grab a snack or just have a hot chocolate.


Emmas Under

Emmas was one of the local cuisine restaurants that were on our shortlist. The restaurant is not very big and is super busy for both lunch and dinner. We tried the first time to get there without reservation and we had to leave it booked for the next day. There we tried the fish soup with saffron typical of Tromsø and a gratin pasta with fish and shrimp, I loved both dishes! The menu has other very local options like cod and reindeer meat, which is not my thing.



Mathallen is another very typical restaurant with a menu like Emma’s but with a more modern feel. Unfortunately, we ended up not being able to try it, we left it for the last day and then we found out that they didn’t open on Sundays. Looks like a very good option and was highly recommended in the research we did.

Ølhallen – the oldest pub in Tromsø

It does not count very well as a restaurant because in addition to the extensive beer menu it serves only a few pub snacks. But for those who like it worth the visit! The pub that was the meeting point for fishermen in the city for many years now houses the ‘Mack’ brewery and serves more than 70 different beers!

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